Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Dick Rynearson
Mayor, City of Fort Walton Beach

First Vice President
Ken Campbell
Council Member, Town of Malone

Second Vice President
Bill Schaetzle
Council Member, City of Niceville

Lee Garner
City Manager, City of Chattahoochee

Legislative Chair
Michael Beedie, P.E.
City Manager, City of Fort Walton Beach

FLC Director
Shannon Hayes
Council Member, City of Crestview

Pensacola Director
P.C. Wu
Council Member, City of Pensacola

Tallahassee Director
Gil Ziffer
Commissioner, City of Tallahassee

Anthony Baker
Mayor, Town of Gretna

Russ Barley
Mayor, City of Freeport

Bob Campbell
Mayor, City of DeFuniak Springs

Eddie Farris
Councilman, City of Freeport

J.B. Whitten
Council Member, City of Crestview

Gene Wright
Mayor, Town of Malone

Past Presidents
Annette Bates
Council Member, City of Chattahoochee

Elizabeth Brannon
Council Member, City of Freeport

Executive Director
Jenny Anderson