Presidents Message

It is my distinct honor to serve as your 2015-2016 Northwest Florida League of Cities President, a position I accept with great humility.  Together we can make a lasting impact on our individual communities and our region by addressing the following priorities: communicating our support of our military and veterans; energizing our legislative advocacy program; and establishing a northwest Florida caucus. Please review the programs outlined below we are adding this summer.  We would like to hear from all of you any ideas you may have to move the NWFLC forward during the next year.

Year of the Veteran
At the 38th Northwest Florida League of Cities Banquet on May 8th, US Congressman Jeff Miller (Florida, District 1) discussed the pressing issues of the Veterans’ Administration and the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.  His monthly newsletter reiterated his support for the region.  “The longstanding, strong partnerships shared among the people of northwest Florida and our military installations have bred a deep understanding of the needs of the American warrior as well as those who once wore the uniform.  The support our community provides greatly assists our military men and women in accomplishing their many missions” (Miller, 5/10/15). 

To show our support for the veteran community, the Northwest Florida League of Cities recently raised funds for “Building Homes for Heroes” through our first annual 5K Run.  Building Homes for Heroes provides mortgage free homes for our wounded veterans.  During the 2015-2016 year we are working to bring special focus to supporting veterans in our communities by documenting the various veteran-centered activities and events sponsored in each of our cities.  Let us know what your community has planned to honor our military veterans by completing our survey. We also encourage you to create a new way to show your support for our nation’s service members and share your ideas with us so we can spread support throughout our region.

Legislative Advocacy
Based on feedback from the 2015 legislative session we are working to energize our legislative advocacy team in hopes of spreading our enthusiasm to our legislators.  We need more members and fresh new faces to join our advocacy team.  If you have not been involved with the advocacy team, the time is now.  Together we can make our voices heard loud and clear.  Sign up on the Advocacy page.

Northwest Florida Legislative Caucus
Our NWFLC board of directors will work this year to coordinate a Northwest Florida Regional Legislative Caucus.  This legislative forum with our state representatives and senators will feature discussions on future legislation and policies that will help produce positive impacts for our region.  We will work to hold this meeting during the fall of 2015. 

Through these priorities, the Northwest Florida League of Cities will increase its prominence as a haven for our military veterans and continue to be influential in the political arena.  Together we can attract new visitors, improve our communities, bring in new businesses and direct our economic growth for a stronger Northwest Florida. 

Best wishes,
Ruth Sykes
NWFLC President 2015-2016

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